How To Download Frozen On Your Device

How to Download Frozen on your APPLE device:

Without a Code:

1. Go to iTunes

2. Search up Frozen

3. Click “buy”

4. Type in your apple ID password

5. Go to your videos, and you’ll see it downloading

With a Code:

1. Get your code in the papers of your Frozen DVD

2. Go to the website it tells you to go to, type in your code in the “redeem” box

3. Go to your videos, and you’ll see it downloading

Fact of the Week:

Hey Guys…. 😉

If you look at the Things You Never Knew About Frozen Page, you’ll see that Frozen is based off of Hans Christian Andersen’s Snow Queen.  Well, all the characters kind of form the word-


Hans Christian Andersen

Cool! 😀

Frozen’s Sister Movie (Spoiler Alert)


Hey guys, have you watched Maleficent?

Disney’s Maleficent

I watched it yesterday with my friend, and I noticed that

  1. The moral of the story is quite similar to Frozen’s.  The original Sleeping Beauty needed a true loves kiss for Aurora to be awakened.  In Maleficent, when Philip kissed Aurora, it didn’t work- but when Maleficent did, it woke her up: exactly like the “act of true love” in Frozen!
  2. In Frozen, there wasn’t exactly a real villain (well, except for Hans, but even he wasn’t the villain until the end).  In Maleficent, Maleficent wasn’t the villain, although she cursed Aurora, it was actually King Stefan who tricked her. 

Why Frozen is so Good

So, for those of you that aren’t crazy about Frozen and personally think that Tangled is better (, I am going to paste a response for that.  If you want to see more responses, click on the link –>


        Yeah, Tangled is a great movie and I like Frozen more than Tangled (but I’m not saying that Tangled is terrible). Frozen is more about true love between sisters and tells little girls (girls who think true love is only about boys and girls getting married) that true love also involves family, friends, and lovers. The moral were great and it has many great songs (for example, Let it Go, For the First Time in Forever, Do you want to build a Snowman, Love is an Open Door, etc). Many Disney princess movies are about a girl getting married with another boy, but this movie focuses on two sisters and their love for each other. Frozen was a movie full of humor and emotions. Maybe people think it was more emotional and funny than Tangled? I really don’t know, but at least, that was what I thought. I thought Frozen was a more emotional movie than Tangled. I also thought Frozen was better because I thought Anna is a really relatable princess to other girls in real life. For example, she is awkward (other Disney princesses were more calm and they weren’t awkward), and many girls can relate on the way she wakes up (do you remember how Cinderella and Princess Aurora wake up? Their hair were really tidy and clean. Unlike Anna, she woke up with messy hair. Many girls can relate to that, waking up in the morning with messy hair). Again, don’t get me wrong, I love Tangled (Tangled is actually my second favorite Disney movie), but I’m obsessed with Frozen now.

I really agree with how Anna is relatable with other girls, and although I dislike Anna, I like how she acts like a normal girl, not a perfect like Sleeping Beauty or Cinderella.  I am not criticizing Elsa though, because she is not all the way perfect either.